Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Simply the Best Directory?

The Simply the Best Directory is a directory of businesses that have placed in Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best Competition. Currently, we have included the past three years of winners in the directory, but that may change.

How can I get my business listed in the Directory?

To be included, you must place in the competition. We are not opening the directory up to other businesses at this time.

What information is listed in the Directory?

All winners will have their business listed along with a website and phone number when available. We also include the past few years of their Simply the Best wins (we will be expanding this in the coming months). Advertisers in Harrisburg Magazine may have additional information listed in the directory.

How do I notify you of a mistake in the directory?

What! That’s impossible! We have not made a single mistake! Kidding. Given the sheer volume of information we have been trying to include, technology glitches, and other random events, it’s very possible. You may notify us using the form here.